Follow these instructions for shear sharpening:

  • ​Wrap shears in protective tissue and place in box.
  • Include note in box explaining problem, name, address, phone.
  • Include $25 money order payable to ShearFIX.
  • Mail package insured to: Shearfix, 950 S. Ridge Dr., Midlothian, TX 76065.
  • Upon receipt of shears, we will sharpen and ship back within 3 business days. 



Regular sharpening and maintenance is of utmost importance in keeping your shears at their best for as long as possible. 

We suggest sharpening at least once every 6 months for those who use their shears on a daily basis.  Should you drop your shears or nick them in any way, they will need to be sharpened immediately.

We do sharpen other makes and models of shears as well.

Welcome to ShearFIX, LLP, where we not only specialize in shears sales but also in shear sharpening.  Has it been a while since you got a fresh edge put on your shears?  Send them our way and we will get them sharp as new.